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F I N E   J E W E L R Y 

Alongside Glacier Park landscapes and bronze-cast mountain goats, Going to the Sun Gallery is proud to house unique and exquisite jewelry pieces ranging from custom precious gems, to authentic Native American made Turquoise.

Jewelry by Rochelle

For over 35 years Rochelle Lombardi has perfected the craft of Fine Jewelry making, and has the knowledge, care, and expertise to bring your most exquisite jewelry dreams to life. Rochelle's collection features both Gold and silver, and Precious and Semi-Precious stones. 

Montana Sapphire

One of the top Sapphires of Significance found in the world, the Montana Sapphire is revered for its beauty, rarity, and full rainbow spectrum of color. Ethically sourced, durable, and found right in our home state- the Montana Sapphire is a remarkable stone for any occasion.

Yogo Sapphire

Yogo Sapphires are the most precious sapphires found in North America. They are considered to be among the finest sapphires in the world. These unique gems come from a rural area named Yogo Gulch, located in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. First found accidentally by gold prospectors in the 1880s, the sapphires eventually became the focus of mining in the area.


Handmade in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, our Navajo and Zuni jewelry is one of a kind. Our gallery features a wide array of both newly made and antique collectible pieces. Our collection highlights Royston, Number 8, Kingman, Fox and

other types of turquoise. 

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Coming from Ethiopia, Australia, and Idaho, our gallery features a wide array of rings, pendants, and earrings. Set in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, and White Gold our Opals are unique and vary in style. 

Semi-Precious Stones

Our largest and most assorted collection, our semi precious stones include Moonstone, Larimar, Quartz, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Aquamarine, Pearl, Abalone, Topaz, Sugilite, Labradorite, and many more. 

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