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Dawn Ness

I am a self taught, horse crazy, artist who is grateful for an abundance amount of support in the arts. I was born with a crayon in my hand and horses on my mind. I use a variety of mediums that include Watercolor, Oil, Charcoal, Acrylic and graphite. My style has a wide range to suit the mood of each unique piece.   People ask, “Where do you get your inspiration?”  It’s different every time. Maybe it was a sunrise or a song, a memory or a vision.


One constant is that my heart and mind collaborate to use my hand as a vessel; expressing those feelings for the piece I am working on.

One of the most memorable compliments I received was from a client who said "I gotta have that painting, I feel like that horse is looking right into my soul." I asked if he was an equine & art enthusiast and he replied, “No, but I am now."

I create out of love and I love what that creates!

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