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Brent Flory 


“Your work has such heart” is one of Brent Flory’s favorite compliments he has received about his work. Though many people comment on his use of light, Brent loves to paint the honest reality of the western experience. Whether it’s cowboys, Native Americans, farmers, ranchers, or their families and animals, his goal is to bring their experiences as close to reality as possible. “People then were so much more connected to, and reliant on the land, weather, and nature. They appreciated it more because their lives depended on it.”


Horses are also a large part of Brent’s paintings.  “I think the horse is probably the most often painted subject in history.  When you think of how many thousands of years man has used the horse, it is an extremely brief moment in time that we have gotten away from its dependence.” 


Brent graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.F.A. in Illustration. He has been in numerous solo and juried shows including Legacy Gallery’s Salon Show, Settler’s West Gallery’s Miniature Show, The Cowboy Christmas at the NFR in Las Vegas, The Charles M. Russell show in Great Falls, MT.


At the San Dimas, CA show, he received Best of Show, Festival Choice Award, and Silver Medal in oils. Brent has been featured in Equine Vision Magazine, with his painting "All I Need", on the cover. He has been selected as the poster artist for the Dec. 2013 “Art of The American Cowboy Show”at the South Point in Las Vegas.


In March of 2022 Brent participated in Charlie's Miniature Roundup and Cheyenne Frontier Days in July of 2022. Brent and his wife and family live on a ranch in Wallsburg, UT. His work is held in many private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Russia.

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