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Elizabeth Mordensky 

Elizabeth Mordensky is a contemporary wildlife artist who is passionate about fostering a connection between individuals and the natural world. She skillfully captures the distinctive essence of western wildlife in her richly textured paintings. Employing the unconventional method of finger painting with oils, Mordensky breathes life into her artwork by infusing it with texture and dynamic motion.

When not in her studio work, Mordensky can be found working as a wildlife guide in Yellowstone National Park, where she shares the awe-inspiring experience of observing wildlife in its natural habitat with visitors from around the globe. Drawing from her extensive field observations, photographs from the field, and a fair bit of inspired imagination, she brings her artistic vision to life. Her unwavering dedication to closely studying her subjects in their natural environment allows her to depict their individual personalities in a manner that makes them seemingly capable of stepping right off the canvas.

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