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Cheryl King 

Cheryl King has had a lifelong love affair with art and beasts. She grew up immersed in the wilds of the Pacific NW under the guidance of her Father, a 20th century mountain man who taught her a great reverence for Mother Nature and her creatures


A working artist for 30 years, she honed her skills through personal training, workshops and plenty of brush mileage. Fun loving, bold, honest and energetic are the qualities she endeavors to bring to her art. 


She describes the turning point in her career as the month spent studying art in St. Petersburg Russia in the summer of 2006. She has painted nearly every subject from still life to figurative, but her true love of animals takes precedence, and this is what she currently devotes her easel time to. Her constant goal is to create images of animals not as beasts but as living, loving, intelligent beings with a full spectrum of emotion.


She’s become increasingly concerned about the dire state of our natural world and how it affects wild creatures. Her current body of work is a reflection upon this sad situation; of habitats disappearing and wild denizens fading along with them; literally ghosts in the making. She refers to them as “Vanishing Nations”.


Cheryl participates in the Out West Art Show every March in Great Falls Montana and has gained prominence for her unique style and presentation. Her work hangs in residences from Australia to Europe, Canada and the USA. 


She is a member of Women Artists of the West and the American Impressionist Society as well as Founder and President of the Washington Art Gang. Cheryl resides in Shoreline WA with her husband David and her faithful Boykin Spaniel, Nugget.

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