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Weldon Kirk 

The making of art is a form of communication. To commune with the beauty of the natural world is a fine experience, especially here in Montana.

As a landscape artist the discovery and the emotional connection with a scene sufficient to inspire a painting is exciting. And it is not without a flame of adoration in the heart for the creation, and thus, the Creator.

We live in a world of great beauty. To paint it is to pay homage to it. To share it with others is an expression of self, offered in a spirit of appreciation for the beauty we hold in common.


Pastels, though less familiar to the general public than other painting mediums, are currently experiencing a rapid growth in popularity. Pastels are made from the same pigments as oils, watercolors and acrylics. But they contain only a minimal amount of binder to hold the pigment together which gives them the distinction of being the purest form of pigment available in a painting medium. This distinction gives pastels the greatest longevity; they will not fade, yellow or crack and when used on an acid free support will retain their original brilliance for a long, long time. However, the surface of a finished pastel painting is fragile, and must be handled carefully and is best protected behind glass. In my experience, Museum glass, though expensive, is by far the best option for viewing a painting.

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